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After several years of dedicated searching, we have come up with a list of our favourite tearooms the UK. This 'Top 10' is not meant to be
comprehensive. Indeed, fickle as we are, it went through half a dozen incarnations just in the last half hour before gong to press. Instead, it
represents a mere sample of a long list of truely excellent high tea establshments.

All of these places impressed us in some way or another. Maybe it was the excellent service or attention to detail. Maybe it was the freshness of
their scones or the moistness of their chocolate sponge. Maybe it was the shine of a waiter's shoes or the pleat in a linen table cloth. In short, they
all share one thing in common, but to tell the truth we're not exactly sure what that is. So in no particular order, here goes...

Hartwell House near Aylesbury is a sumptuous 17th Century
manor house which has now been converted into a posh hotel,
which serves improbably good tea and scones with impecable
sercice and style.
Sketch, just off regent street, does amazing cakes and scones in
one of the funkiest settings in London. It is our number one
tearooms to impress our friends.There is nothing not to like,
except possibly the pricetag.
The Edgecume Arms in Cotehele is one of two Cornish
tearooms have made it onto the list. Since Cornwall is regarded
by many to be a kind of high tea Mecca that is no mean feat.
This lesser known tearoom is the insider's choice.
Peacock's in Ely, Cambridgeshire is run by these two tea-lovers,
who will do everything in their power to ensure you have a good
time. The menus are extensive, but can we reccomment the
crumpets?
Technically a coffee house, all the same the Grand Cafe in
Oxford reeks with charm and sophistication. We love it for the tip
top service and cool deco feel. A much better bet than any of the
posh hotels in the area.
St Trudno's in Llandudno, North Wales is the only tearoom to
have been awarded the much-coveted five pot rating. Needless
to say the whole setup is unsuspassed. We reccommend the
Welshcakes, but you will have to go to Wales. Read more...
London's Yauatcha is something slightly out of the ordinary in the
world of afternoon tea. Vibrant, modern and very chic this is a
fantastic alternative to many of London's tired old tearooms. Well
worth a visit. Read more...
The combination of beautiful architecture and delicious cake is a
surefire winner with us. Imagine our delight, then. when a reader
reccommended Gray's Court, York. There's even talk it might be
haunted.
De Wynn's, Falmouth, Cornwall has already been lavished with
many award and prizes, and for once we'll throw our hat in the
ring too. It's very, very, very good and knows it. Pop in and see
why for yourself.
There is simply no place like our last entry: home. If you want the
ultimate tearoom in the comfort of your own living room simple
dust off the rolling pin and stick the kettle on. For novel recipe
ideas